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1. How is the feelings of Terramor creative floor? Does it have any unique features?

Through close cooperation and deep communication with designers, Terramor can provide the custom elements,color and patterns for different floor and wall decoration, and meet the unique needs of design concept.Combined with designers’ creative talent and spirit,Terramor will make your space distinctive artistic style and client experience beyond imagination. Your customers and visitors will have an excellent first impression of your facility.

2. Can Terramor creative floor display your brand design and LOGO pattern?

Terramor creative floor can provide a variety of patterns and colors. You can choose different elemnets to display your exclusive logo.

Terramor creative floor can be installed in multiple sections using 2 or more different colors. A clean metal transition strip is used to separate the colors. You can have a border,mat,or just separate colors in each room. The possibilities are endless.

3. Can you freely choose different elements from Terramor to match your overall decoration style?

Terramor can provide total solution for cement based creative floor and decoration wall. With customed pattern,color and texture, Terramor can accompany you to realize your design ideas and meet designer’s daily and special requirements.

4.Will Terramor Creative Floor breed viruses, bacteria, germs, yeast, or grow on other microbes? Will be prone to smell?

Terramor Creative Floor is a green environmental protection cement based material. The entire floor system has antibacterial properties, is not only the top-coat, so you do not have to worry about it wearing-off with the sealer.Your floors can prevent the bacteria, viruses, yeast, and other microbes.

5.Will Terramor Creative Floor be easy to clean or will it have pockets, pores, seams, or cracks and crevices to trap dirt and grime?

Different from the traditional floor decoration’s splicing scheme, Terramor Creative Floor is casted in-place and treated with overall cover, so it can be seamless, water proof,  dust prevention, and so easy to clean.

6. Can Terramor Creative Floor provide moisture protection?

Terramor Creative Floor provides a seamless, waterproof, self-containing surface, ensuring that it also could cover all the drains, electrical conduits, coke conduits, gas lines, plumbing lines, and something else elevation out of the commercial floor, offering the space underneath complete protection from the moisture in your facility.

7. How long is the construction period of Terramor products?

In an ideal situation, without considering the impact of construction temperature, artificial, base condition, Terramor’s construction period is as follows:

(1)Terramor SL series: 200 square meters area would need 8~10 days.

(2)Terramor CT series(cast-in-place):100 square meters area would need 10~15 days.

(3)Terramor CT series(precast): 100 square meters area would need 2~4 days.

(4)Terramor AC series: 200 square meters area would need 8~10 days.

8. What are the construction requirements of Terramor products?

(1)The relative humidity of concrete base should be less than 8%.

(2)The strength of concrete base should be over than 25MPa after maintenance for 28 days.

(3)There are no obvious cracks, holes on the concrete base, and no sand and dust on the surface.

(4)The height difference of concrete base is no more than 2mm.

(5)The construction temperature is higher than 10℃

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