Our Story

Brand Origin

Originated from the special mortar background for

China’s High-Speed Railway, terramor can be your

integral solutions to the concrete design version,

including seamless flooring,customized patterns,

and textured wall finish.We work with designers

to expand the application of concrete wall and floor

through unique customization and rigorous experimentations.

Recent Developments

  • Successfully completed the project of Bloomberg Office in Hong Kong
  • Finished the three-phase project of Qinghai Huzhu Barley Wine Co.
  • Completed the self-leveling surface for P-Pictures studio project in Changsha
  • Initiated architectural concrete proofing for Vanke’s Golden Mile Housing Estate in Changsha
  • Completed construction work for Chen Design Club in Tianjin
  • Acceptance inspection on work at Zhuzhou Panlong Ecological Community

Brand Naming

The ‘Terr’ of Terramor comes from ‘terrazzo,’ which is in turn derived from the Italian word for ‘terrace’ – ‘terrazza.’ In the past few centuries, the word ‘terrazzo’ has come in its narrow definition to refer to a composite material of marble fragments and mortar, smoothed and polished for incorporation into mosaic floors.

‘Amor,’ on the other hand, was one of the names of the Roman god of love, which came subsequently to refer to ‘romance.’ By shade of meaning, the word ‘Amor’ is associated with a sublime love built upon heartfelt communication and the synchronicity of spirit.

The name ‘Terramor’ is comprises thus of ‘terr’ and ‘amor,’ and bears the meaning ‘the love of the earth.’ We hope to express in this name the care and effort we put into communications with clients and designers – producing surfacing solutions that satisfy the requirements of all parties involved. Every solution we present is unique and fully bespoke – highlighting the tastes of our clients and the vision of their designers.

Technology Base

Triaxis Group

Market Leader for Specialty Mortars
  • Materials supplier for the ‘Beijing–Tianjin Intercity Railway,’ the first high-speed rail line in China.
  • One of the three earliest materials suppliers contracted for work on the ‘Wuhan–Guangzhou High-Speed Railway.
  • One of the three earliest materials suppliers contracted for work on the ‘Wuhan–Guangzhou High-Speed Railway’.
  • Specialty mortar supplier for the ‘Beijing–Guangzhou Railway’ and the ‘Shanghai–Kunming Railway’ – respectively, the primary longitudinal and latitudinal arterial rail lines of China.
  • A market footprint that encompasses more than fifty dedicated high-speed rail lines, including the Wuhan–Guangzhou line, the Beijing–Shanghai line, and the Shanghai–Kunming line.
  • With the launch of the Chinese rail export drive, Triaxis has obtained overseas clients in areas of East Asia, Europe, and the Americas.


Chinese First-Class Engineering Team
  • Beijing Zhongke E-commerce Industrial Park
  • Qinghai Huzhu Barley Wine Co.
  • Changsha Jin Lu International Business Center
  • Tianjin Chen Design Club
  • Zhuzhou Panlong Ecological Community

Brand Philosophy

Every project that we take on is unique. To permit unlimited creativity in architectural design, we provide freely customizable floor and wall surfacing of the highest quality.


Our Clients