Terramor ET Series

Terramor ET is an epoxy-based terrazzo flooring product that may be freely customized in coloration and pattern per the requirements of a client’s interior design. This first-class floor surfacing solution is suited to use in venues such as five-star hotels, brand name retail stores, exhibition halls, airports, museums, and offices. Bearing significantly greater flexibility in use than stone or tile flooring, Terramor ET is a brand trusted by top designers worldwide.

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CT 11

Terramor CT Series

Terramor CT is an innovative terrazzo flooring product that incorporates high-performance cementitious binder and a wide choice of designer aggregates – prepared with specialized techniques in hardening, reinforcement, and polishing for a fully bespoke, customizable finish. The final surface is seamless, stain resistant, high gloss, and easy to clean – suited for venues such as five-star hotels, brand-name retail stores, exhibition halls, airports, museums, and offices.

Terramor SL Series

Terramor SL is an innovative new cement flooring product with sufficient fluidity to rapidly self-level for application in surfacing, resurfacing, and underlayerment – suited for use as first-class decorative flooring in both indoor and outdoor environments, including retail chains, office spaces, designer salons, specialty bars, and art museums. Its clean, natural elegance is praised by top interior designers.

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